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FAQ How To Operate The Short Path Distillation Machine?

FAQ How To Operate The Short Path Distillation Machine?


Nowdays our many customers when got our short path distillation but can do not know how to suitable operate it and also not follow our instruction.

So that lead many times the broken and damages for the machines.

Below today we will teach you how to do and what to do when received it and then operate it appropriately.

Before using, it should be noted that the key parts of the product are all made of glass, which are fragile. In particular, careful parts are required during operation:

1) vacuum valve: valves with black plastic caps are needle valves. Be careful during operation, operate gently and slowly during rotation, do not push hard to the inner top when closing, just stop feeding or leakage, otherwise the glass is easy to break.

2) vacuum pump system: when opening or closing the vacuum system, it must be carried out according to the sequence in the operation manual, otherwise the vacuum system will be damaged.

3) before starting the vacuum system, liquid nitrogen or dry ice with a height of about 2 / 3 shall be injected into the glass cold hydrazine, and some light components condensed shall be frozen and frozen to retain, so as not to be sucked into the pump body by the vacuum system, which will damage the performance of the pump. And the light component condensed in cold hydrazine should be removed in time when there is no liquid nitrogen or refrigeration medium in cold hydrazine after the pump system is shut down

4) the requirements for materials to be used are:

1.Because the main distillation body is made of all glass, which is fragile, difficult to disassemble, and the structure is complex and difficult to clean, it is required to be easy to clean after heating distillation separation treatment, whether it is the heavy component or the light component, such as using distilled water or common organic solvent (ethanol) by drenching method.

2. Because the distillation main body is made of all glass and the frame of rotor is 316L (C276 material can be customized), it is required not to use strong alkaline or strong acid cleaning solution for cleaning. If the material has strong alkaline or strong acid, the service life of the equipment will be reduced after use

3 because the sealing ring of vacuum valve is made of FKM material, some organic solvents corrode the sealing ring. When using organic solvent distillation, pay attention to the corrosion of the sealing ring. If it is corroded, please replace the sealing ring in time or customize the sealing ring of special material.

5) when feeding the distillation unit, attention shall be paid to: since the feed drum is located above the unit and in a high position, when feeding directly into the feed drum, it shall stand on the stool. At this time, attention shall be paid to: 

1. During feeding, prevent the objects such as the feeding container from falling down and damaging the glass parts below; 

2. During feeding, people shall stand stably to avoid falling and damaging the glass parts in the middle.



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