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FAQ Operation Safety And Maintenance Of Electric Heater For Air Conditioning Units

FAQ Operation Safety And Maintenance Of Electric Heater For Air Conditioning Units


Because electric heaters are generally used for dehumidification and reheating or air supply adjustment, they are mostly placed in the unit or in the air supply duct. When the air-conditioning system equipped with electric heater is in operation, it is difficult to detect the accident of electric heater in time, and a little carelessness will cause a major accident. Therefore, how to avoid accidents during the operation of air-conditioning operation managers is the primary task.

The following points should be paid attention to in the operation of the electric heater in the air conditioning system:


1. There is a high temperature protection switch behind the electric heater, which must be connected to the control circuit of the heater power supply during installation to ensure that the heating power supply can be cut off in time when the electric heater exceeds the set temperature.

2. Before the air supply fan of the air conditioning system is started, it is absolutely necessary to avoid sending electricity to the electric heater, and the electric heater must be stopped first before the system air supply fan is stopped. In order to avoid the local high temperature of the air duct and accidents caused by the operation of the electric heater when there is no wind in the air supply duct.

3. In an air-conditioning system with an electric heater interlocked with a system blower, it is necessary to check the operation of the fan at any time, so as to avoid the illusion that the fan is out of operation and the indicator light of the control system fan is on. If this happens, turn off the power immediately. Adder power supply.

4. During the operation of the air-conditioning system, if an abnormal burnt smell is found in the air-conditioned room or the system, the power supply of the heater should be stopped first, and the electric heater should be checked for any abnormality. run.

5. The operation of the system should be checked frequently. If the temperature of the air-conditioned room is always lower than the required value during normal operation, the possibility of the electric heater being disconnected should be suspected. At this time, the power supply can be turned off and the electric heater can be checked and processed before being put into operation.

6. In the electric heating and air-conditioning system equipped with no wind and power failure (that is, over-temperature protection), the integrity and sensitivity of the high-temperature protection switch (or electric contact thermometer) should be checked frequently, and abnormal conditions should be dealt with in time.

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