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FAQ-A2 Biological Safety Cabinet

FAQ-A2 Biological Safety Cabinet


What is a biosafety cabinet used for?

The Biological Safety Cabinet is used to protect the operator, laboratory environment and experimental materials from exposure to the above-mentioned operation process when handling infectious experimental materials such as primary cultures, bacterial strains and diagnostic specimens. Designed for possible infectious aerosols and splashes.


What is the principle of Biological Safety Cabinet?

This equipment is generally in accordance with the ratio of circulating air and exhaust air 70%: 30%. The circulating air flows to the operation area in a vertical unidirectional airflow mode after being filtered.

Ensure that the operating area is always maintained at a level better than the cleanliness level of 10 to 100.

In this way, when the operator is working in the working area of the biological safety cabinet, the polluted aerosol generated by the operation in the cavity will quickly enter the suction groove of the biological safety cabinet.

This avoids cross-contamination.


How many types of Biological Safety Cabinet are there?

1. The Class I biological safety cabinet can protect the staff and the environment, but not the sample. Because the safety cabinet itself has no fan, it needs to rely on the fan in the external ventilation duct to drive the airflow, and there is no way to protect the inside of the cabinet. Therefore, Class I are used less frequently.


2. Class II biological safety cabinets are currently widely used types, which can protect workers, the environment and products according to the inlet airflow speed, exhaust mode and circulation mode.


3. The Class III biological safety cabinet is designed for the Class 4 laboratory. The cabinet is completely closed. The staff operates through the gloves connected to the cabinet. The test sample enters and exits the safety cabinet through the double-door transfer box to ensure no pollution, suitable for high-risk biological experiments.

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