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FAQ-What's The Use Of The Air Shower Room?

FAQ-What's The Use Of The Air Shower Room?


Air shower is a kind of universal local purification equipment in which people or goods enter the clean area and the fan sprays the highly filtered clean strong wind through the air shower nozzle to blow away the dust adsorbed on the surface of people or objects.


What's the use of the air shower room?

In the clean area, under dynamic conditions, the largest source of bacteria and dust is the operator. When the operator enters the clean area, the dust particles attached to the surface of his clothes are blown with clean air, which can reduce the occurrence of pollution in a certain procedure. The air shower room is a necessary purification equipment for personnel to enter the dust-free workshop in the clean area. It has strong universality and can be used together with all clean areas and clean workshops. When entering the workshop, the staff must use this equipment to spray strong and clean air from all directions to the people through the rotatable nozzle, so as to effectively and quickly remove the dust, hair, hair scraps and other sundries attached to the clothes, It can reduce the pollution caused by people entering and leaving the clean area. The electronic interlock of the two doors of the air shower room can also act as an air lock room to prevent external pollution and unprocessed air from entering the clean area.


What are the classifications of the air shower room?

1) Single blow type: one side plate has a nozzle, which is suitable for factories with low requirements, such as food packaging or beverage processing, bucket water production, etc

2) Double blowing type: a side plate and a top plate are equipped with nozzles, which is suitable for domestic food processing enterprises, such as small-scale enterprises such as pastry making and dried fruits

3) Three blowing type: the two side plates and the top have nozzles, which is suitable for export processing enterprises, or industries with high requirements such as high-precision instruments.


What are the materials of the air shower room according to the box material?

1) Color steel plate air shower room

It is suitable for workshops with dry environment and few users, and the price is low.

2) Cold rolled steel plate air shower room

(pickling, phosphating, electrostatic spraying) is suitable for electronic factories. There are a large number of users. Because the door is made of stainless steel, it is very durable, but the price is relatively moderate.

3) Stainless steel plate air shower chamber (SUS304)

It is suitable for food processing and medical and health products processing industries. The workshop environment is humid but will not rust.

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