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Clean Room For Food

Clean Room For Food


With the continuous development of the times, people also pay more and more attention to the safety and health of food. Relevant food industry companies began to consider building clean workshops in the area of food production section. Building clean workshops can effectively reduce the microbial pollution of produced food and effectively improve product quality and production efficiency.

1. The food workshop can be divided into three areas: general operation area, quasi cleaning area and cleaning operation area.

General operation area (non clean area): general storage area of raw materials, finished products and tools, transfer area of packaged finished products and other areas with low exposure risk of raw materials and finished products, such as outer packaging room, raw and auxiliary material warehouse, packaging material warehouse, outer packaging workshop, finished product warehouse, etc.

1.quasi clean area: it is required to take the second place, such as raw material treatment, packaging material treatment, packaging, buffer room (unpacking room), general production and processing room, inner packaging room of non ready to eat food and other areas where finished products are treated but not directly exposed. operation area: this area is often built as a clean workshop, which usually refers to the area with the highest requirements for sanitary environment and high requirements for personnel and environment, such as the exposed treatment area of raw materials and finished products, the cold processing room of food, the cooling room of ready to eat food, the storage room of ready to eat food to be packaged, the inner packaging room of ready to eat food, etc.

2. Working principle of air purification system in food cleaning workshop

1)The working principle of standard combination room air conditioning cabinet + air filtration system + clean room ventilation and insulation pipe + HEPA high-efficiency air supply outlet + clean room return air pipe system is to continuously circulate and supplement fresh air into the clean room workshop, so as to achieve the cleanliness required by the production environment.

2)The working principle of FFU industrial air purifier installed on the ceiling of the clean workshop to directly supply air to the clean room + return air column return air system + ceiling air conditioner refrigeration. This form is generally used in occasions where the requirements for environmental cleanliness are not very high, and the cost is relatively low. Such as food production workshop, ordinary physical and chemical laboratory engineering, product packaging room, cosmetics production workshop, etc.

The selection of different air supply and return systems in the clean workshop and the different design of air return system are important factors to determine the different cleanliness levels of the clean workshop.

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