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Russia Ukraine Conflict, Cross-Border Logistics Shipping Division / Ship Division Suspension, Port Hopping And Shutdown

Russia Ukraine Conflict, Cross-Border Logistics Shipping Division / Ship Division Suspension, Port Hopping And Shutdown


From 2021 to now, the most troublesome logistics problem for foreign trade is the lack of air and sea transport capacity and wharf congestion. With the deterioration of the situation and the intensification of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the impact on logistics is becoming greater and greater. Maersk, mediterranean shipping, CMA-CGM, Herbert and other shipping companies have announced that they will not stop at Ukrainian ports from today and will stop accepting new reservations in and out of Ukraine until further notice. Russia has also closed its airspace in the region bordering Ukraine, and air cargo will be affected.

In terms of shipping, the relevant concerns mainly come from oil prices, port security and congestion. According to foreign media reports, more than 700 bulk carriers around the world go to Russian and Ukrainian ports to transport goods every month. The outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war will destroy the trade in the Black Sea region, and the shipping company will also bear high risks and high transportation costs.

From the air, Ukrainian airspace is the most important air passage between Asia and Europe. Whether it is civil aviation or cargo, many European airlines such as the Netherlands, France and Germany have announced the suspension of flights to Ukraine. Some express companies, including UPS, have also adjusted their transportation routes to avoid the impact of war on their distribution efficiency.

However, the only thing to be assured is that the impact of China Europe trains is not expected to be too great. Ukraine is only a branch line on the China Europe train line, and the main line is basically not affected by the war zone; There are many routes for China Europe trains to enter Europe. At present, there are two main routes: a northern European route and a southern European route. Ukraine is only one of the countries on the branch line of the northern European route. Moreover, the "on-line" time in Ukraine is still short. At present, the Ukrainian railway is in normal operation, and the Russian railway is also in normal operation. The impact on China's train transportation is limited.

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