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Women's Day Mountain Climbing

Women's Day Mountain Climbing


Yesterday is Women's Day,as a Male colleagues,We also enjoyed a day's holiday.

And then we decided to climb mountain in this meaningful day.

Before going, I thought I might have some difficulty. After all, I haven't exercised well for a whole year,

But after walking this time, I feel OK. It's easier than I thought. I think although I haven't exercised for a long time, the exercise I have done has not been in vain.

So even though many things didn't seem to play a great role at that time, after the time scale was opened, their role will slowly appear, like sports, like reading.

This time I climbed the mountain, I also found that my state of mind was slowly changing.

In the past, when climbing the mountain, we always aimed at climbing the top of the mountain. Therefore, our sense of achievement comes from the moment of climbing the mountain. We even deliberately calculate the time, so that when we mention it later, we will say how long we spent and what mountain we climbed.

At that time, it was honored to climb the mountain in a short time, but now, this is not the idea at all.

I suddenly realized that the most important thing to climb the mountain is to enjoy the surrounding scenery. It doesn't matter whether you climb the top or not. Moreover, even if it's too late for taking photos, it doesn't matter if you only climb halfway up the mountain.

Because at this time, the fun does not come from climbing the top, but from taking many beautiful photos in beautiful places.

It's really because of this mentality that we didn't go to Jinding, the highest peak of Wugong mountain this time. But this is not a regrettable thing, because we have been to Jinding before, and we have seen the scenery above.

So I really can't think of any reason. Let's spend 40 more minutes to climb the peak.

But in the past, I would never think about it. At that time, I thought the purpose of mountain climbing was to climb the top, which didn't need any explanation or reason.

I don't know why this change happened. I can't say which is good or which is bad. I just suddenly feel that many people are ostensibly doing the same thing, but in fact, everyone's reasons may be different.

So sometimes when we interpret other people's behavior from our own perspective, we will find it incomprehensible

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