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The Characteristics Of The Purification Air Conditioning System Used In The Clean Area Of The Operating Room

The Characteristics Of The Purification Air Conditioning System Used In The Clean Area Of The Operating Room


The purification air-conditioning system used in clean areas such as operating rooms and auxiliary rooms has the following characteristics:

1. It can treat outdoor air, purify the air and sterilize bacteria.

2. The airflow and wind speed in each area can be controlled.

3. Ensure reasonable airflow direction and pressure distribution between different areas, and shorten the self-cleaning time of the clean room.

4. Ensure the medically necessary temperature and humidity, and provide enough fresh air to ensure an aerobic environment for medical staff and patients.

5. Exhaust waste gas and harmful gases are discharged to ensure indoor air quality and prevent pollution to the external environment.

6. The fresh air volume is large, the energy consumption is large, the pipeline is long, and the running time is long.


It can be seen from the characteristics of the purification air-conditioning system that it is the same as the ordinary air-conditioning system in that it controls and adjusts the indoor temperature, humidity, wind speed and air volume to provide people with a comfortable environment. The difference lies in its handling of air, which proposes a higher level of cleanliness. It needs to control the non-biological particles and biological particles in the air, eliminate dust particles, control the indoor bacteria concentration, and make the operating room reach the corresponding clean level. Multi-stage filtration to remove dust, bacteria and other harmful gases in the air, provide clean air for operating room staff and operators, and during the operation, dilute harmful gases, control indoor airflow, and prevent the spread of bacteria in the operating room, Reduce the chance of infection during surgery.


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