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Pharmacy Industry Cleanroom Saudi Arabia

Pharmacy Industry Cleanroom Saudi Arabia


Industry: Pharmacy Industry

Location: Saudi Arabia


Project SQM:180 Square meters

Year of Execution: 2018-2019

Customer scale:Medicine supplier

About Cleanroom:

Cleanroom operate under very strict internal air conditions that require HVAC systems to not only provide close-band temperature limits,but also humidity control and very high efficiency filtration.

 The HVAC systems are to delivery air change rates that are far in excess of normal atmospheric conditions & ensure a low particle count for applications such as high quality product manufacture or scientific and medical research.

 We will collect local outside temperature and humidity data, recommend suitable air conditioners according to various industry standards. Some countries with extremely high temperature, such as Saudi Arabia,Africa,etc.we will choose special heat-resistant air conditioners.


Working Team:



Ceiling HVAC system and AIr Pipe

Client Feedback:Customer was really pleased!


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