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FAQ -Pass Box

FAQ -Pass Box


What is a pass box?

The pass box is a purification device that is set on the clean area of different levels and the partition wall between the clean area and the non-clean area, and is used to transfer items to each other. It can be made into dynamic pass box and static pass box according to the technological needs of producing products. The dynamic pass box can generate clean high-speed airflow to blow the items during the transfer of items, remove the dust on the items, and prevent the clean room from being polluted. When one door is open, the other door cannot be opened, and the other door must be closed before the other door can be opened.



What is difference between static and dynamic Pass box?

The top of the dynamic pass box is equipped with four air shower nozzles and the inside of the box is equipped with a fan and a primary filter. The static pass box does not have this self-cleaning function configuration.


What are the materials of the pass box?

All stainless steel pass box, outer cold-rolled steel plate and inner stainless steel pass box. Commonly used plates for the production of pass box include cold-rolled steel plates (A3 plates) and stainless steel plates (SUS201, SUS304, SUS316, etc.). The thickness is generally 0.8~1.5mm


How to use the pass box?

The pass box is managed according to the cleanliness of the higher-level clean area connected to it. For example, the pass box connected between the coding room and the filling room should be managed according to the requirements of the filling room. After get off work, the operator in the clean area is responsible for wiping the internal surfaces of the pass box clean, and turning on the ultraviolet sterilization lamp for 30 minutes.


What are the interlocking methods of the pass box?

Electronic interlock pass box and mechanical interlock pass box. pass box and doors are double-door interlocking.

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