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FAQ Biological Safety Cabinet Equipment Maintenance

FAQ Biological Safety Cabinet Equipment Maintenance



(1) After each inspection operation, thoroughly clean the surfaces, side walls, rear walls and windows of the inner working area of the safety cabinet with 75% alcohol (other sterilants depend on the material used by the user). Do not use chlorine-based disinfectants as it may damage the stainless steel construction of the cabinet. Also, clean the surfaces of UV lamps and electrical outlets. When cleaning the interior area of the safety cabinet, the operator must not enter the safety cabinet except with hands


(2) If you do not experiment for a long time, clean and maintain the stainless steel surface every two weeks. Follow step "5". Regular cleaning of stainless steel surfaces will keep them smooth and beautiful.


(3) Wipe the outer surface of the safety cabinet with a damp cloth every month, especially the front and upper parts of the safety cabinet, and clean up the dust. And check the reasonable use of all repair parts.


(4) According to the actual situation, check the safety cabinet for physical abnormalities or failures every quarter or half a year, and report any abnormalities in time for repair; remove the primary filter for cleaning to prevent the accumulation of dust and cause insufficient air intake and reduce the cleaning effect.


(5) Invite qualified certified technicians to certify the performance of the safety cabinet every year, and replace the UV lamp according to its service life; The working voltage of the fan (turn the knob) to achieve the desired uniform wind speed (slowly adjust the wind speed knob from left to right, from low speed to high speed, do not adjust the new workbench to the highest wind speed).


(6) After 18 months of use, when the working voltage of the fan is adjusted to the highest point and the ideal wind speed is still not reached, it means that the HEPA filter has too much dust (the filter holes on the filter material have been basically blocked and should be updated in time). Under normal circumstances, the service life of the HEPA filter element is 18 months; when replacing the HEPA filter element, pay attention to the model, specification, and size, install the device according to the direction of the arrow, and pay attention to the seal around the filter element, which is absolutely leak-proof.



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