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What are the ISO 8 Standards for Cleanroom?

What are the ISO 8 Standards for Cleanroom?


The iso 8 clean room standards refers to the "ISO 14644-1:2015" classification for cleanrooms and associated controlled environments. It is a part of the international standards established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that defines the air cleanliness levels in terms of the number and size of particles per unit volume of air. The ISO Class 8 cleanroom is designed to maintain an environment with a maximum concentration of airborne particles as follows:

  • Particles equal to or larger than 0.1 μm (micrometers): Not more than 3,520,000 particles/m³

  • Particles equal to or larger than 0.2 μm: Not more than 703,000 particles/m³

  • Particles equal to or larger than 0.3 μm: Not more than 293,000 particles/m³

  • Particles equal to or larger than 0.5 μm: Not more than 100,000 particles/m³

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Here are some typical applications of ISO 8 cleanroom:

Electronics Manufacturing: In the assembly and packaging of electronic components, an ISO 8 cleanroom can help prevent damage from dust or other particles that could affect the performance or reliability of the products.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: While sterile product manufacturing such as injectables requires higher classifications (ISO 5-7), non-sterile pharmaceutical processes like tablet pressing, encapsulation, and some stages of medical device manufacturing may take place in ISO 8 cleanrooms.

Food Processing: For certain food packaging operations, especially for ready-to-eat foods or those with longer shelf lives, an ISO 8 cleanroom can provide a controlled environment to minimize potential microbiological and particulate contamination.

Biotechnology: Some research and development activities in biotechnology labs can benefit from an ISO 8 environment, particularly when dealing with less sensitive biological materials or equipment setup and preparation areas.

Aerospace Components Assembly: Certain stages of aerospace component production may require ISO 8 conditions to protect parts from contaminants that could compromise functionality or durability.

Optics Manufacturing: The assembly and testing of optical devices might use ISO 8 cleanrooms to safeguard against particle contamination that could impact clarity or performance.

Printing and Packaging: High-end printing and packaging industries, particularly for cosmetics, healthcare, and precision instruments, often have ISO 8 standards to ensure product integrity and appearance.


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