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FAQ-Tablet Press Machine

FAQ-Tablet Press Machine


Q:Are you a manufacturer or a middleman

A:Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd focuses on the production and R & D of purification plant,Our solid expertise in cleanroom allows meeting the precise needs of its customer's industry in different sectors such as health,pharmaceutical,biotechnology,and cosmetics we firmly believe in the principle of Quality by design.We are a manufacturer integrating design, production and installation, introduces advanced production lines, and can design and produce according to customer requirements. Make products with the spirit of craftsmanship of excellence.The product quality is guaranteed and the service is perfect. The manufacturer's direct sales saves you intermediate costs.


Q:Are the items you sell in stock?

A:We have all the goods on sale in stock, including, clean room, clean room sheet, doors and windows, floor, LED light, FFU, filter, tablet press, mixer, granulator, coating machine, pellet machine , molds, and other pharmaceutical equipment, can provide you with one-stop service.


Q:What is the difference between the pressure of the tablet press?

A:1. The speed of tablet pressing, the speed is slow, the pressing time can be longer, and the hardness can be better.

2. The relationship between the pressure of the tablet press and the hardness is proportional within a range of pressure changes;

3. The pressure of the tablet press has a lot to do with the hardness of the tablet. There is a zero boundary point. When the pressure is very high, the tablet may be split, so it is not necessary to increase the pressure to press the tablet.


Q:Why does the tablet press keep breaking the punch?

A:Common causes of punch breakage on tablet presses include:

1. Too much dirt in the punching hole or insufficient lubrication of the upper punch, it is too difficult to lift the upper punch, resulting in the punch breaking;

2. There are cracks in the upper punch itself during heat treatment, and the punch is broken along the original crack when the tablet is pressed;

3. The machining accuracy of the punch itself is too low and the coaxiality error is too large;

4. The punching coaxiality error of the upper punching plate and the middle punching plate is too large.

5. The pressure is too large when pressing the tablet, which leads to the instability of the pressing rod and the breakage of the punch; 6. The upper guide rail parts are too rough, and there are too many defects such as burrs.

Specific problems need to be analyzed in detail. If the above reasons are ruled out, a professional on-site investigation and judgment is required.




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