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FAQ- Cleanroom Transport And Installation

FAQ- Cleanroom Transport And Installation


Do you have a user manual that you can provide us so that we can prepare for the installation?

We have full set 3D installation video for preparation and finish work, it was made and given before shipment. Customers can use the 3D video install very easy, and online guide is 24 hours standby too.


Is a lifting equipment required to install the ceiling panels and the Fan filter unit?Is the ceiling self supported? If not, is their a solution to have it self supported?

There is no need lifting equipments for ceiling and fan filter unit. We have consider about this, so we use strong strength ceiling panels which is 3.2 meters length with one piece panels and you only need two person to put on the two walls. Then lock. Fan filter unit we can cut the size hole in the ceiling (If customer need it) to prepare all holes and just people put it in when you install.


When the room height is more than 20 feet how it works for the transport?

Our clean room will be transport as parts and pieces, such as wall, it will be made as 0.98 meters width and 6.6 meters length and 0.05 meters thickness as one pieces, one pallet can load 43-46 pieces panels.

so its height of the pallet is 2.15-2.3 meters, so you can choose 40 feet high shipping container to load them easily.


How to install when the clean room is as high as 20 feet?

If as high as 20 feet, when install the panel will need a lift car as auxiliary tool at the site.

The ceiling panel is suspended on the roof, the installation method is the same as the clean room at normal height.


If it's possible to do a clean room with a 20 feet height or higher?

The clean room height can make 20 feet, maximum height can be 32 feet(10 meters)




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