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How to Clean Cleanroom?

How to Clean Cleanroom?


(1) Change into specialized anti-static clothing, wear a hat and mask, dust the buffer room, and enter the clean room;

(2) Prepare cleaning tools and place them in designated positions before starting cleaning work;

(3) Pick up ground waste one by one in the order of the production line, from inside to outside;

(4) Timely pour garbage into the garbage bin and garbage bin, and conduct inspections. After strict classification according to regulations, it is inspected by the production line administrator or security personnel and transported to the designated garbage room for classification;

(5) Use clean paper or dust-free cloth to clean indoor glass, walls, and shelves from top to bottom;

(6) Use a dust collector to push the dust and carefully clean the ground from the inside out. If there is garbage, stains, watermarks, etc. on the ground, please clean it promptly with a dust-free cloth;

(7) During the rest and dining time of production line employees, clean the production line, under the workbench, and under the chairs;

(8) Regularly clean the ceiling, air conditioning vents, ceiling light partitions, and elevated floors. The cleaning procedures and materials used must be approved by the factory department, and cleaning must be carried out during holidays and rest periods as planned;

(9) The floor of the clean room must be waxed strictly according to the plan and cleaning procedures, and anti-static wax must be used;

(10) After the cleaning work is completed, all cleaning supplies must be stored in a designated cleaning room and separated from ordinary tools to avoid cross contamination. They should be neatly placed and not placed randomly.

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