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FAQ- Fan Filter Unit

FAQ- Fan Filter Unit


What is a fan filter unit used for?

FFU can be used in modular connection. Fan filter unit is widely used in clean room, clean operation table, clean production line, assembled clean room.

How do I choose a HEPA filter fan?

There are three standard sizes of FFU: 1175*575*320mm, 575*575*320mm, 1175*1175*320mm

According to the area, height and cleanliness of the clean room, a certain number and air volume of fan filter units are equipped.

The seller will formulate the overall plan according to the buyer's requirements. Suzhou Pharma has been committed to clean room engineering for 15 years, and will provide you with a full range of solutions from clean room design, material selection to construction.

How do you install a fan filter unit?

First, lay a plastic film on a flat and spacious site, then erect the FFU box on the plastic film, and loosen the fixing screws on both sides of the FFU.


Put the high-efficiency filter close to the FFU box. Because the filter element in the filter frame is very fragile and fragile. Therefore, the installation can only hold the frame tightly, handle it with care, and do not touch the filter element inside, and resolutely avoid collision with the filter element.


When installing the filter, pay attention to the direction, so that the air outlet faces outward, and the arrow marked on the frame of the filter is outward (the direction of the arrow is the direction of the air outlet of the filter).

Then hook the clip to the groove of the high-efficiency filter, and install and fix them one by one. After installation, check whether the combination of the FFU box and the filter is uniform and tight.

What is FFU in cleanroom?

A fan filter unit is basically an air supply with a laminar flow unit.

The main components include the box, fan, high-efficiency filter and control elements.

In a clean room, the main functions of the FFU unit include two aspects:

1. As a laminar flow unit;

2. As an air supply device, it is used in a turbulent clean room.

When used as the air supply device of the turbulent clean room, the composition of the FFU purification device mainly includes several parts such as the FFU device, the aluminum alloy frame, and the fresh air system.

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