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FAQ- Dispensing Booth

FAQ- Dispensing Booth


What is dispensing booth?

Dispensing booth also called weighing booth, sampling booth, down flow booth, weighing room.

The dispensing booth equipment have different name but with one same function.

It’s used to protect the operators from the harmful powder, toxic substances such as with volatile toxic powders and solvents. To provide a safety operating area when process a test or drug research and development. To prevent cross contamination, it is used to ensure a high cleanliness environment in the work area.


What are dispensing booths used for?

It’s used for dispensing, sampling and weighing of pharma and chemical powders.

Weighing and dispensing powder, reagents which can control powder, reagent spillage or rise.

To prevent the inhalation hazards of dust and reagents to the human body. It also avoids cross-contamination of powder and reagents. Protecting the safety of the external environment and indoor operator.


What’s the components of dispensing booth?

The dispensing booth is composed of Stainless steel frame, HEPA filter, medium-efficiency filter, UV light, led light, stainless steel working table, differential pressure gauge, PLC control(optional), variable air volume blower unit, and other major components. The frame material can be made of stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316. The work area table is all stainless steel structure, and the work table is movable which is easy to clean. The workbench adopts the direct control method, with fan switch, lighting switch, and direct control equipment.


How to ensure operator safety?

Suzhou Pharma negative pressure dispensing booth ensures the safety and reliability of the sampling and weighing process. And the negative pressure environment formed does not have to worry about cross-contamination, which not only protects the medicine and the environment, but also protects the safety of the operator.

The design and application of the flow film at the lower end of the air outlet ensures that the surface wind speed in the A-level area is uniform and reliable, and is kept within the range of 0.45m/s±20%.


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