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FAQ- Sampling Booth, Dispensing Booth

FAQ- Sampling Booth, Dispensing Booth



What is the difference between sampling booth and dispensing booth?


Dispensing booth is also called sampling booth, weighing booth, down flow booth, sampling cabin, weighing room. Dispensing booth is a kind of local purifying equipment for materials sampling, weighing, and analysis.


What’s the control type of dispensing booth?

PLC & HMI with Printing option, PLC control, button control.


What’s the function and main components?

Dispensing booth is able to maintain unidirectional airflow to reduce unwanted particle generation in the environment.

Filter Group: ( G4 + F9 + H14),Digital Differential Pressure Gauge,Fan System,PVC Curtain, Perforated SS Table, Stainless Steel Plate


What’s the usage of dispensing booth

Weighing and subpackaging of powder and reagents in the equipment. It can control the overflow and rise of powder and reagent, and prevent the inhalation hazard of powder and reagent to human body. Also avoid cross contamination of powder and reagents, and protect the external environment and indoor personnel.



Why does the dispensing booth need to maintain a negative pressure environment?


We need to analyze this problem from the purpose of the dispensing booth. The micro negative pressure environment means that the pressure inside the weighing hood is smaller than the external pressure, the air inside the weighing hood will not leak, and the external air flow can enter the weighing hood. In addition to maintaining the micro negative pressure environment in the weighing hood, the wind speed of the air flow in the weighing hood must be strictly controlled. If the wind speed is too high, it will cause the reagent and dust to splash outward, damage the internal dynamic balance, and cannot achieve the effect of isolation and protection.




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