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FAQ Maintenance Of Air Shower Room

FAQ Maintenance Of Air Shower Room



1. Regularly (three to six months, depending on the use) check the use of the primary efficiency filter and the high efficiency filter, and remove them for cleaning (dust can be collected with a vacuum cleaner). When the cleaning is invalid, it needs to be updated.

2. Check the operation of the fan regularly (one month), and conduct a major inspection every year.

3. Check whether the screw connecting bolts are loose every three months, and tighten them in time if found.

The installation steps of air shower room are briefly summarized as follows:

Open the front door - air inlet shower room - close the front door - automatic induction shower - open the rear door - people exit the air shower room - people in the rear open the front door - repeat the cycle;

The details are as follows:

First, before entering the air shower room, please change your clothes, wear clean clothes, and carefully observe the state of the air shower room. When the red idle indicator light on the box is on, it means that the shower can be blown. If the green working shower indicator light is on, the shower room is in working condition, please wait. After the work of the air shower room is completed, the indoor personnel leave, and the door automatically closes, you can enter;

secondly. Open the inlet door of the air shower room, and automatically close the front door after entering the room. Go straight through the photoelectric sensor to start the shower blowing. Please lift your hands indoors and then rotate 360 degrees;

Finally, after the shower, please open the door and leave the shower room. So the whole wind drenching process is over!

Remarks: The front and rear doors of the wind shower room are locked during the wind shower process. Internal personnel should not open them forcibly to avoid damaging the locking device. In case of emergency, please press the emergency stop switch to stop all work. The entrance and exit doors can be opened at will. During the idle period, the inlet and outlet doors of the air shower room are in the electronic interlock state. Only one side of the access door can be opened. Please do not force it to open.



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