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FAQ Maintenance Of Air Shower Room

FAQ Maintenance Of Air Shower Room


What are the types of wind shower room?

Single blow type

One side plate has a nozzle, which is suitable for factories with low requirements, such as food packaging or beverage processing, bucket water production, etc

Double blow type

One side plate and the top plate are equipped with nozzles, which are suitable for domestic food processing enterprises, such as small-scale enterprises such as cake making and dried fruit

Three blow type

The two side plates and the top have nozzles, which are suitable for export processing enterprises or industries with high requirements such as high-precision instruments.

Color steel plate air shower room

It is suitable for workshops with dry environment and few users, and the price is low.

Cold rolled steel plate air shower room

(acid pickling, phosphating, electrostatic spraying) is applicable to electronic factories. There are a large number of users. As the door is made of stainless steel, it is very durable, but the price is relatively moderate.

Stainless steel plate air shower room (SUS304)

It is suitable for food processing and medical and health products processing industries. The workshop environment is humid but will not rust.

How to maintain the air shower room??

For the maintenance of the air shower room, a frequency shall be determined according to the actual use. For example, the front filter screen can be cleaned by water washing or vacuum dust washing. Normally, it is replaced within three months. If the main filter screen is detected 2 to 4 times a year, the clean workshop should decide whether to replace the device according to the wind speed or pressure measurement value. Specifically:

1. remove and clean the filter material in the primary air filter regularly according to the actual use.

2. when the wind speed becomes smaller, first check whether the surface of the primary air filter is blackened. If it is blackened, it indicates that the pre filter contains more dust and the resistance increases, that is, the non-woven fabric in the primary air filter should be removed for cleaning or replacement.

3. if the wind speed cannot be increased after the non-woven fabric is replaced or cleaned, it indicates that the high-efficiency air filter has been blocked, resulting in increased resistance. The high-efficiency air filter should be replaced.

4. when replacing the high-efficiency air filter, remove the spray ball plate, remove the high-efficiency filter, and replace the new high-efficiency air filter according to the specification and model of the original high-efficiency filter. Confirm the arrow mark on the high efficiency filter during installation, and the arrow should point to the direction of air flow. And ensure good sealing to prevent leakage.

5. after the replacement of the high-efficiency filter, it is necessary to confirm that the frame is free of leakage, and properly use the dust particle counter for detection. It can work normally only after reaching the technical indicators.

6. regularly repair the electrical circuit. In case of any fault, refer to the electrical schematic diagram for maintenance.

7. regularly maintain the door so that the electronic lock is aligned with its lock hole to avoid locking pin.

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