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FAQ- Cold Room

FAQ- Cold Room


What is cold room?

Cold room storage is a kind of building used for foo freezing and refrigeration. It is a control method of artificial refrigeration to keep the room in low temperature.In order to reduce the introduction of external heat, the inside construction(wall and ceiling systems,floor) are equipped with thick moisture-proof gas barrier and heat insulation layer.  



What industry does cold room mainly used for?

Food industry: Food cold storage can be widely used in food factories, dairy factories, fruit and vegetable warehouses, egg warehouses, etc.

For cooling meat, aquatic products, seafood, poultry, fruits and vegetables, cold drinks, flowers, green plants, tea and other foods.

In the project management of food cold storage, scientific management should be implemented according to the characteristics of food cold storage to ensure production , to extend the service life, reduce production costs, save maintenance costs, and improve the purpose of enterprise economic benefits.



How many temperature standards of cold room?

1. Cold storage room

The temperature standard is 5 - 5 which is suitable for the cold storage of frozen food. There is no specific time for the cold storage time of food.

2Low temperature storage room

The temperature standard is - 18 ~ - 25 which is suitable for storing meats, beef , mutton, fish, poultry, vaccines, etc. only at this temperature will the food not deteriorate

3. Quick freezing warehouse

Temperature standard - 35 ~ - 40 , suitable for storing tuna and salmon. It is required to freeze the food quickly within a limited time.

4.Controlled atmosphere storage

Temperature standard: 5 ~ - 2 , suitable for storing fruits and vegetables.

5. High temperature storage

Temperature standard: 5 ~ 15 , suitable for storing wine, chocolate, medicine, seeds, etc.


Whats the size of cold room?

Suzhou Pharma can supply standard 20ft,40ft and customize size cold storage room. The air conditioning brand also can be optional from international brand. We provide all kinds of cold room components: construction wall and ceiling panels, floor, air conditioning unit, lighting appliance, accessories, etc.

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