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FAQ-Portable Clean Room

FAQ-Portable Clean Room


1. What’s portable clean room?

Portable clean room is a kind of modular design and easy assemble clean room. It can be assemble and disassemble very easily. It’s a positive pressure environment to provide clean air into the clean room.

2. How much does a portable clean room cost?

The portable clean room cost cost depends on the following aspects: clean grade(from ISO5 to ISO9), total area and height, wall material and thickness, temperature, humidity requirements.

A complete portable clean room including wall and ceiling system, connection parts, clean room equipment, temperature and humidity control system, electric system, etc.

3. What’s the material of portable clean room?

The wall panel have 3 kinds, the transparent acrylic wall is the most common material. It has solid features and good insulation function. PVC sheet and PVC curtain are soft wall material. All of the material can be combined to a multi-function clean room area. Such as the PVC curtain can be design at the portable clean room entrance. And the PVC sheet, transparent acrylic wall as the wall and ceiling material.

4. How much dimension of portable clean room?

Portable clean room dimension can be customize according to client requirement. Room length and width are flexible size, the height generally from 2.3 meters to 3 meter.

5. What's the advantage of the portable clean room?

The structure is simple, and it becomes stable in a short time after operation.

Vertical laminar flow: The ceiling of the room is completely covered with HEPA filters, and the air is blown from top to bottom, which can achieve high cleanliness. Advantages: easy to manage, and can reach a stable state within a short time after the operation starts, and it is not easy to be in a working state or affected by workers.

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