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FAQ-Clean Booth

FAQ-Clean Booth


Clean booth(simple dust-free room) is a simple clean room built for the quickest and most convenient. The clean shed has a variety of clean grades and space collocation, and can be designed and manufactured according to the use needs. Therefore, its main characteristics are simple use, large flexibility, easy installation, short construction period and portability. At the same time, the clean shed can be added locally where high cleanliness is required in some areas of the general grade clean rooms to reduce the cost. The clean shed is an air purification equipment that can provide a local high clean environment. The FFU of the clean shed purification equipment is mainly composed of box, fan, primary air filter, damping layer, lamps, etc., and can be made of stainless steel, aluminum coated zinc plate, steel plate plastic spraying and other materials. The product can be suspended and supported on the ground. It has compact structure and convenient use. It can be used alone or multiple connections to form a strip-shaped clean area.


What are the configurations of the clean shed?

1. Frame: industrial aluminum (or stainless steel, iron square plastic spraying) is used as the frame, which is stable and beautiful without rust and dust

2. Anti static vertical curtain: the anti-static vertical curtain is used around, which has good anti-static effect, high transparency, clear network, good flexibility, no deformation and aging

3. Fan filter screen unit FFU: centrifugal fan is adopted, which has the characteristics of long service life, low noise, maintenance free, small vibration, stepless speed change, reliable fan quality and long service life,

4. With the unique air duct design, the efficiency of the fan is greatly improved and the noise is reduced! The internal purification level can reach 100-100K, which is especially suitable for areas requiring high internal purification level in the workshop, such as assembly line operation area.

5. Special purification lamp for purification room is adopted inside, which does not produce dust.


What are the characteristics of clean shed?

The fan sucks the air from the top of FFU, and the clean air filtered by primary effect filter and high efficiency filter is sent out to the clean shed at a uniform speed of 0.45m/s ± 20% wind speed on the whole air outlet surface to form a flow sharing layer, so that the air flow of clean air is vertical and unidirectional, so as to ensure the required cleanliness in the working area.


What are the advantages of clean shed?

1. It can be used alone or in combination

2. Compared with civil engineering room or fabricated class 100 clean room, it has the advantages of less investment, quick effect, simple installation and low operation cost

3. Modular structure, easy to improve cleanliness level, strong diffusion and high reuse value

4. Easy to move (universal wheel can be installed)

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