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FAQ-Classification of Efficient Filtering

FAQ-Classification of Efficient Filtering


High-efficiency filter without partition

The filter without partition is to use hot melt adhesive to replace the aluminum foil with partition filter to separate the filter material. The absence of the baffle allows a 50mm thick filter without baffle to achieve the performance of a 150mm thick baffle filter. With the same filtration area and filtration efficiency, the HEPA with the 90mm thick frame can reach 1.3 times the air volume of the SPAN 150mm thick standard resistance type with partitions, and twice that of the SPAN 150mm thick standard resistance type. It can meet the stringent requirements of today's air purification for various space and weight and energy consumption.


High-efficiency filter with partition

The high-efficiency filter with partition is made of ultra-fine fiber as filter material, high-quality kraft paper, hot rolling, or offset paper, aluminum platinum as partition plate, and wooden frame or aluminum alloy frame glue, which has high filtration efficiency. The advantages of low resistance and large air volume. High-efficiency filters with separators mostly use coated paper with double-sided glue as the separators, the purpose is to prevent the separators from shrinking under the influence of cold, heat, dryness and humidity, thereby emitting particles. Suitable for low-level non-unidirectional flow projects and various purification equipment and clean workshops. Among the separator filters, aluminum separator filters are mainly used in high temperature or high humidity environments, and paper separator filters are used in ordinary clean environments. There is a partition with a relatively large air volume, which can be used as a high temperature filter.


V-shaped pleated filter

It is used in general ventilation system and has the characteristics of large filtering area, low resistance and long service life. It can be used as the pre-filter of the high-efficiency filter, thereby effectively prolonging the service life of the high-efficiency filter.


High temperature resistant high efficiency filter

The filter can be used in the high temperature environment of 250℃~400℃, and the filtration efficiency can reach 99.99% @0.3μm.D.O.P./P.S.L. Testing 95%, 99.99% at 0.3μm


Trough type high efficiency filter

The liquid tank type high-efficiency air filter, also known as the liquid tank filter, is mainly used at the sealed high-efficiency air supply port of the liquid tank at the end of the clean room, and the filtration level is H14-U15


HEPA filter

High-efficiency filter, this product is specially designed and developed to achieve high air volume requirements with low resistance. LV's high-efficiency series can reach a wind speed of 2.5m/s (ie 500 field m ) with an initial resistance of 250Pa


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