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What Is The Difference Between a Class 1 And Class 100 Cleanroom?

What Is The Difference Between a Class 1 And Class 100 Cleanroom?



Cleanrooms are specialized environments designed to regulate the concentration of airborne particles. They are extensively used in various industries, including medical, semiconductor, and aerospace. Cleanrooms are classified based on the number of particles allowable in a cubic foot of air. Class 1 cleanrooms have the lowest concentration of particles, while Class 100 cleanrooms have higher particle concentrations.


A Class 1 cleanroom is the most sterile environment and is also known as a "ultra-cleanroom." This type of cleanroom must maintain a particle concentration of fewer than 1 particle per cubic foot of air that measures 0.5 microns or larger. These super-clean environments are used in the manufacture of advanced microprocessors, semiconductors, and nanotech products, where any particle or dust can create a malfunction.


On the other hand, a Class 100 cleanroom limits the number of particles measuring 0.5 microns or larger to no more than 100 within one cubic foot of air. Class 100 is considered a "controlled environment" and is required in many medical applications, including the manufacture of sterile IV solutions, medical devices, and other products used in healthcare settings.


Class 1 and Class 100 cleanrooms both require strict guidelines and protocols to maintain cleanliness and regulate the concentration of particles. However, Class 1 cleanrooms are the most demanding and require highly specialized procedures. They generally have more advanced filtration systems, and guidelines for staff entering the room are more stringent than those for Class 100 cleanrooms.


In summary, the primary difference between Class 1 and Class 100 cleanrooms is the concentration of allowable airborne particles. Class 1 cleanrooms have a lower concentration of particles than Class 100 cleanrooms. Both types of cleanrooms play crucial roles in the manufacturing of specialized products, and it is essential to follow strict protocols to maintain the desired cleanliness levels.




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