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How to Choose an Eligible Clean room Company

How to Choose an Eligible Clean room Company



Clean Room Company is the enterprise specializing in the design, construction and maintenance of purification engineering. Its products and services are widely used in electronics, pharmaceutical, food, biological, chemical and other industries. When choosing a clean room company, many factors need to be considered, including the company's strength, technical level, quality of service, project experience and so on.


1. Qualified factors to consider

It is very important to choose a clean room company with qualification certification. Companies with certification have strong technical strength, but also can ensure the quality of the project and service level.


2. Technological factors to consider

Technical strength is another important factor to consider when choosing a clean room company. Purification engineering is a technology-intensive project, requiring a certain amount of professional knowledge and technical ability to design, construction and maintenance. Therefore, when choosing the company, it is necessary to consider whether its technical strength is strong, whether it has a professional technical team, and advanced technical equipment and process flow.


3. Constructional factors to consider

Clean room project is applied in many industries, they are completely different from the cleanliness level, temperature and humidity, illumination requirements. Because there are many industries involved, the focus of the company is not the same, so need to ask whether have experience of similar projects when choosing the company, about the general process flow, purification level, temperature and humidity parameters of this kind of project. From the previous construction cases, you can estimate the quality of construction.


4. Service factors to consider

When choosing a clean room company, we should not only consider its technical factors, but also pay attention to its service quality. In the process of design, construction and maintenance of project, it is necessary to fully communicate and cooperate with customers to ensure that the project can be completed on time and in good quality.Only with high-quality service quality clean room companies, can let customers feel at ease to choose their services.


Our company, Suzhou Pharma with solid expertise in cleanroom allows meeting the precise needs of its customer's industry in different sectors. We firmly believe in the principle of quality by design. We has complete infrastructure and a team of experienced personnel to managing these fields more professionally. With our vast experience in handing national and international projects, we ensure that professional integration of project will have plenty of benefits. 



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