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What Are The Systems That Make Up a Clean Room?

What Are The Systems That Make Up a Clean Room?



Clean room decoration

Clean room ceiling system , clean room wall system (including doors and windows), clean room floor system (epoxy floor, PVC floor, polyurethane floor, stainless steel floor)


Clean room auxiliary equipment: air shower, cargo shower, air lock, pass box, tunnel pass box, clean clothes and shoe cabinet, shoe washing machine, hand washing dryer , clean workbench, biosafety cabinet, isolation glove box, clean booth, laminar flow hood, dispensing booth, etc




General air conditioning system, clean air conditioning system, general ventilation system, process ventilation system, smoke prevention and exhaust system, air conditioning piping (low temperature chilled water, medium temperature chilled water, hot water, steam, heat recovery piping).



Power supply and distribution system (low-voltage distribution system part), lighting system, emergency lighting system, socket system, power distribution system, process distribution system, grounding (integrated grounding system, protective grounding, anti-static grounding and clean room anti-electromagnetic interference (EMI) grounding, electrostatic discharge), busbars, bridge trunks


Water system

Domestic water supply system, production raw water supply system, reclaimed water (recycled water) water supply system, drainage system, sewage system, rainwater system, process circulating cooling water (PCW) system, pure water system, ultrapure water (UPW) system, softened water system, process wastewater system

Fire water supply system: fire hydrant water supply system, automatic sprinkler system, FM200 gas fire extinguishing system


Communication and Monitoring Systems

Life safety system: fire alarm and linkage control system, special gas detection and alarm control system, flammable gas leakage alarm system, gas fire extinguishing system, broadcasting system, fire door monitoring, electrical fire monitoring and fire power monitoring system, large space active sprinkler fire extinguishing system, fire-fighting power monitoring system;


Telephone/network integrated wiring system: administrative office network, production equipment MES management network, weak current equipment network, wireless coverage network, etc.;


Security system: security integrated network system, access control card system, closed-circuit television monitoring system (CCTV)


In clean room design and build, the below system are design according to the production scale and government standard, industry standard. Suzhou Pharma supply clean room turnkey project for pharma factory, tablet production line, capsule production line, pharmaceutical liquid like IV infusion, vials, eye drop filling line, etc. We provide solution as per customer requirements.

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