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The Difference Between Cleanroom Air Conditioner And General Air Conditioner

The Difference Between Cleanroom Air Conditioner And General Air Conditioner


Cleanroom air conditioner is a kind of air conditioning project. It not only has certain requirements on the temperature, humidity and wind speed of indoor air, but also has higher requirements on the number of dust particles and bacterial concentration in the air.

A space with better air-tightness that controls parameters such as air temperature, humidity, cleanliness, pressure, and noise as needed is called a clean room.


General air conditioners and cleanroom air conditioners are different in principle.

General air conditioning supply air and indoor air are well mixed to achieve indoor temperature and humidity uniform; for the cleanroom air conditioners the fresh air is mixed with the return air from the clean room after filtering the dust and debris through the filters.

Clean room air conditioner principle

Filter through the primary filter, and then carry out constant temperature dehumidification treatment through the surface cooling section and heating section respectively.

After being filtered by a medium-efficiency filter, and then humidified by the humidifying section, it enters the air supply duct.

After noise reduction through the muffler on the air supply duct, it is sent to the end of the duct—HEPA filter enters the room,

Some rooms are equipped with exhaust vents, which are discharged to the outside through the exhaust vents, and the rest of the air is mixed with the fresh air through the return air vents and return air ducts and then enters the primary filter for circulation.

Air Filtration Type

Generally, the air conditioner only has the primary effect of primary filtration, and the higher requirements are the primary and medium effect secondary filtration treatment.

Cleanroom air conditioners requires three-stage filtration, namely primary, medium, and high-efficiency three-stage filtration, or primary, medium, and sub-high-efficiency three-stage filtration.

In biological clean room,In addition to the three-stage filtration of the air supply system ,

also equipped with secondary high-efficiency filtration or filtration and adsorption filtration according to different situations in order to eliminate the special smell of animals and avoid environmental pollution.

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