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Precautions For Clean Room Installation

Precautions For Clean Room Installation


1.The installation of prefabricated clean room shall be carried out in the room after the decoration works are completed. The indoor space must be clean and free of dust, and the parts and site must be cleaned and wiped at any time during construction and installation.

2.During construction and installation, firstly fix the hanging, anchor and other connectors with the main structure, floor and ground.

3.The ground surface must be flat, and its unevenness shall not be greater than 0.1%. The sealing at the junction with the vertical wall panel shall be considered when making the coil surface layer or coating surface layer.

4.The wall panel must be set out strictly before installation, and the wall corners shall be vertically connected to prevent the inclination and distortion of the wall panel caused by accumulated errors. The perpendicularity deviation of the wall panel shall not be greater than 0.2%.

5.The ceiling shall be arched according to the width of the room to keep the ceiling flat during use after being loaded. The periphery of the ceiling shall be tightly connected with the wall.

6.During installation, the plastic protective film on the surface of the wall panel shall not be torn off, and it is forbidden to hit and step on the pedal surface.

7.Various components, fittings and materials shall be stored in clean and dry

8.Enclosure structure. The unpacking of components, fittings and materials shall be carried out in a clean environment. Their specifications, performance and integrity shall be strictly checked. Unqualified or damaged components and fittings are strictly prohibited from installation.

9.The materials to be pasted with the surface course, the surfaces and grooves filled with sealant must be strictly cleaned to remove impurities and oil stains, so as to ensure that the paste is dense and prevent falling off

10. The installation gap of the fabricated clean room must be sealed with sealant.

11.The completion acceptance shall be carried out after the appearance inspection, single machine test run, system joint test run of each divisional project, clean room performance test and adjustment under empty or static conditions, and the review of relevant construction inspection records.

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