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General Provisions For The Clean Room

General Provisions For The Clean Room


In our daily communication with our customers,some one always do not know what to do and feel very confused,below are some articles we sort out for our customers,so they could understand what to do next and how to confirm the first step with their engineers or local building departments.


Section I.

Article 2.1.1 the architectural decoration construction of the clean room shall be carried out after the completion of the roof waterproof works and the external enclosure structure, the installation of the external doors and windows, and the acceptance of the main structure. Its contents include the indoor decoration works, the installation of doors and windows, the gap sealing, as well as the sealing of the joints between various pipelines, lighting lamps, purification air conditioning equipment, process equipment and the building.


Article 2.1.2 the construction schedule of building decoration in the clean room shall formulate a clear construction cooperation plan with other professional types of work, and cooperate with each other according to the construction procedures. See Appendix II for main construction procedures.


Article 2.1.3 the building decoration construction of the clean room shall not only meet the requirements of the current national standards code for construction and acceptance of decoration engineering gbj210 and code for construction and acceptance of ground and floor engineering gbj209, but also ensure the air tightness of the construction, reduce the dust emission of the construction operation and keep the construction site clean. If there are anti-corrosion requirements, it shall also comply with the provisions of the current national standard code for construction and acceptance of building anti-corrosion engineering tj212.


Article 2.1.4 the ambient temperature at the construction site of clean room building decoration shall not be lower than 10 ℃, but for special decoration works, the construction shall be carried out according to the temperature required by the specification of decoration materials.


Section II material requirements

Article 2.2.1 the elastic sealing materials and dust-proof coatings used for caulking in the clean room must have instructions indicating the composition, variety, ex factory date, storage validity period and construction method, as well as product certificates. Expired products and unidentified products shall not be used.

Article 2.2.2 the cement grade of the cement mortar base of the painted floor of the clean room shall not be lower than 425; The terrazzo ground shall be cast-in-situ, and the diameter of the small stones used shall be 6 ~ 15mm. After the terrazzo is finely ground, it is advisable to apply non-volatile surface protection materials.


Article 2.2.3 the plastering of the wall and ceiling of the clean room shall be high-grade plastering, and the curing time shall be sufficient. Materials that are deformed, mildewed and powdered due to the influence of heat and humidity shall not be used.


Article 2.2.4 the moisture content of wood used in the clean room shall not be greater than 16%, and shall not be exposed for use; Gypsum board, plywood and wood keel shall be treated with moisture-proof treatment or waterproof gypsum board; Wood and gypsum board should not be used as surface decoration materials in biological clean room.

Section III construction and decoration requirements

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