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Varieties And Properties Of Tablet Excipients (2)

Varieties And Properties Of Tablet Excipients (2)


This article will continue to introduce the varieties of excipients commonly used for direct tablet pressing

1. Sodium carboxymethyl starch

Sodium carboxymethyl starch is an excellent disintegrating agent for tablets. It is a white or quasi white powder, odorless, moisture inducing in air and dispersed into a viscous colloidal solution in water; It has good hydrophilicity and water absorption and expansion; It has good fluidity and compressibility, which can improve the formability of the tablet and increase the hardness of the tablet without affecting its disintegration. For tablets of insoluble drugs, this product can improve their disintegration. The general dosage is 1% ~ 8%.

2. Calcium hydrogen phosphate

Calcium hydrogen phosphate is a white powder, odorless and tasteless, insoluble in water or ethanol, and has moisture resistance; It has good liquidity, stability and low price; The pressed tablets have good hardness. When the tablet contains 50% calcium hydrogen phosphate, it disintegrates very quickly.

3. Micropowder silica gel

Micro powder silica gel this product is a light white anhydrous powder, odorless, tasteless and large specific surface area. It is a commonly used tablet flow aid and has great adhesion to drugs. Its hydrophilic property is strong. When the dosage is more than 1%, it can accelerate the disintegration of the tablet and disintegrate very fine, so as to improve the dissolution of the drug and facilitate the absorption of the drug. The general dosage is 0.15% ~ 3%.

4. Magnesium stearate

Magnesium stearate this product is a white, easy and sand free fine powder. It has a greasy feeling in contact with skin, insoluble in water and has good adhesion. This product is a commonly used hydrophobic lubricant, which can effectively solve the phenomenon of sticking and punching. It is one-sided, smooth and beautiful. The general dosage is 0.2% ~ 1%.

Others include low substituted hydroxypropyl cellulose, starch, talc magnesium stearate mixed powder, aluminum magnesium raw powder, etc.

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