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Weighing And Preparation Of Granules

Weighing And Preparation Of Granules


The manufacturing process of tablets can generally be divided into raw and auxiliary material processing, weighing, granulation, drying, mixing, tablet pressing, coating and other processes. There is a saying in the industry: granulation is the leader, tablet pressing is the core, and packaging is phoenix tail. It can be seen that the granulation process plays an important role in the whole tablet production.Today I share with you the weighing and preparation of granules.



Because the increase or decrease of the weight of each material will change other subsequent process conditions, resulting in the instability of particle quality, which may cause a series of problems such as tablet fragmentation, over standard brittleness, slow disintegration or reduced dissolution, the amount of each material can not be adjusted at will. In case of special circumstances, the weighing weight shall be confirmed according to the process verification.  


2Preparation of granules

At present, the high-speed wet mixing granulator is the equipment mostly used in granulation production. Compared with the traditional mixer and pelletizer, in fact, many manufacturers do not eliminate the pelletizer because of the problem of variety prescription or the pursuit of high quality, while the high-speed wet mixing granulator is only used as a traditional mixer, then, more uniform particles are obtained through the whole particle. The process conditions affecting the quality of wet particles mainly include adhesive temperature, dosage, addition method, stirring and chopping speed of granulator, stirring and chopping time and many other factors.  


The above is some sharing about weighing and preparing particles. In the next issue, we will share with you the adhesive, which is a very important step in granulation. The adhesive part will be divided into two part.I'll give you a detailed introduction.


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