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We Successfully Shipped a Container To Europe On Monday This Week

We Successfully Shipped a Container To Europe On Monday This Week


The epidemic situation in China has worsened once. Our city Suzhou has encountered two outbreaks in a month. The last time we maintained normal production during the epidemic, we successfully shipped a container to Europe on Monday this week. At present, we are still maintaining production, and several batches of goods need to be produced and shipped within one month. This time we still haven't stopped our production. We will continue to deliver on time in the next month. We have purchased a lot of materials that used for clean room parts production to ensure that we will not stop work when the traffic stops. Although we will pay more costs, we believe that as long as we can ensure timely delivery, what we do is worth it. We attach great importance to our reputation. Between money and reputation, we choose to use money to maintain our reputation If you have clean room and air clean room equipment or other projects that need to be purchased now, we can place orders with confidence, and we will make every effort to ensure on-time delivery. I hope the epidemic will end soon and peace will be restored in the world at an early date.



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