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Introduction And Working Principle Of Grinder

Introduction And Working Principle Of Grinder


1Introduction to Grinder

Generally speaking, when discussing crushing equipment in powder circle, it usually refers to those specialized and relatively large-scale crushing equipment for powder factory. This paper will show you a small crushing equipment called universal crusher. In many occasions where materials need to be crushed, it is not a professional powder factory. For example, food enterprises producing white granulated sugar, traditional Chinese medicine products enterprises, feed processing enterprises and so on. These crusher users have some common characteristics. Most of the crushed materials are food, drugs and chemicals with low hardness; The requirement for single machine output is not high, but the equipment volume and installation convenience are high. It is precisely the characteristics of the universal crusher introduced in this paper.

The universal crusher is mainly used in small and medium-sized enterprises and scientific research institutions such as industry, agriculture, industry and mining, medicine and health, coal geology, etc. it can crush all kinds of plants, drugs, soil, grain, sand (1-5mm), minerals, etc. It is suitable for crushing dry brittle materials. It is not suitable for crushing materials with low softening point and high viscosity. Universal crusher is a crushing equipment with impact force as the main force, accompanied by tearing and grinding.

2、 Working principle of Grinder

The materials enter the crushing chamber from the feeding hopper through the shaking device, and the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the movable toothed disc is thrown from the central part to the chamber wall. The materials are crushed by the impact, shear and grinding of steel teeth and the impact between materials between the movable toothed disc and the fixed toothed disc. Finally, the materials reach the annular space on the outer wall of the rotary table, and the fine particles are discharged from the bottom through the shape sieve plate, The coarse powder is repeatedly crushed in the machine.

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