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The Story Start From The Short Path Distillation Machine With Our USA Customer

The Story Start From The Short Path Distillation Machine With Our USA Customer


We are extraction machines company in China,With years mature manufacturing experience and Team of professional engineers and designers.Can provide various of customized service.

Products and quantity purchased by customers:150 Short Path Distillation Machine

Total project value:One Set of machine,USD 28,000


Mr.Bob is a extractor work to extract CBD for the Cosmetics products,he want to buy one machine to purify his CBD crude oil.He want us provide a short path distillation machine with some customized service for his material.

We agreed with him and had discussed with him with the detailed parameters

First of all,he hope the machine could automatically feeding and discharge.

So we added the automatic pumps for his machine,the pumps also with adjustable valves to control the flowrate.       

And because Bob’s crude oil is very sticky,so we also add a heating jacket for this feeder tank,so the oil after heating will be more liquidity.    


After 10days delivery date we ship to Bob and he finally received it.

For the machine designed all with fast connection it did not take long time to install It.

Later we test it and the machine work well.Bob is very happy and thus bob saved the time to look after the machine which also saved much labor cost.

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