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The Story Start From The Tablet Production Clean Room.

The Story Start From The Tablet Production Clean Room.


We are the clean room manufacturer in China,With years mature manufacturing experience and Team of professional engineers and designers.Can provide various of customized service.

Products and quantity purchased by customers:80㎡Clean Room

Total project value:One Set of machine,USD 15,000


Mr.Chris is a consultant work for a pharmaceutical company in New zealand,he want to purchase a clean room in small scale and he finally found us Due to the virus,it has been so hard to send our engineers to his company for installation,So we agreed with him to provide a customized designed clean room in Container type, Later had discussed with him and he also want the clean room with as much windows as possible,So we sent him our 3D drawing.

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Because the clean room will work in a warehouse instead of factory,the height also are limited max to 3.8meters,So we have to use the smaller hepa filters and air tubes.

For the HAVC air conditioning,Because the roof can not place anything more,so we laso designed a smaller system,so we can put it in the behind of the machine which wll solve this problem absolutely.

When before shipping,We will send full details instruction,Every pieces part from the clean room we will all marked with number,so when they got them will be very easy for install it.

In the end,it only take 2days time,We finished it,because we have much stock.Chris with his friends install it very fast when received the room.

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