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New Project Operating Room Will Be Built In Mongolia

New Project Operating Room Will Be Built In Mongolia


The operating area including 3 rooms, the main room design with sliding door, others are normal single or double color steel door. The sliding door require Radiation protection, so the door surface need Pb material.

The operating room have strict requirements for the HVAC system, especially the air changes and fresh air percent. The air pipe go through the wall side from the ceiling, when we design the wall panel, we use more material to cover the air pipe. This will increase the sealing effect and keep stable clean grade.

When we do turnkey project, the details is very important. From ceiling to the ground, lighting, and temperature control, we should take all aspect into consideration.

Lighting appliance is different from other clean room project: Shadowless lamp, led panel light, emergency light, etc. In each room equipped with 2 sets emergency light, and the led panel light install on the shadowless lamp surround.

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