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Stainless Steel 316 Laminar Flow Hood

Stainless Steel 316 Laminar Flow Hood


Laminar flow hood is an air purification unit that can provide a local clean environment.

The class 100 laminar flow hood can be used singly or combined into a belt-shaped clean area.


The total dimension on picture is 3000*2000*2400 mm,the structure made of stainless steel 316 square tube. All the cabinets also adopt stainless steel 316 plate. Due to the product is medical industry, so the material require higher standard.


The ceiling design with fan, pre-filter and liquid tank HEPA filter, the efficiency will reach 99.999%. From the ceiling blowing vertical clean air flow and the air speed between 0.3-0.6 m/s.

The speed can be adjustable from a controller, it’s frequency control.

The four side wall can be customize, anti-static PVC curtain is a good choice which avoid dust enter into the hood.


For lighting appliance,adopt both LED light and UV light. The UV light have good effect of sterilization. The plug have various option, we could design according to customer local standard.


The class 100 medical laminar flow hood forms a uniform layer after passing air through a high-efficiency filter at a certain wind speed. Make the clean air flow in a vertical one-way direction.Thereby ensuring the high cleanliness required by the process in the working area.


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