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PCR Modular Clean Room Laboratory

PCR Modular Clean Room Laboratory


PCR laboratory is also called gene amplification laboratory. PCR is a short term for polymerase chain reaction. It is a molecular biology technology, which is used to enlarge specific DNA fragments, and can be regarded as a special DNA replication in vitro. Through DNA gene tracking system, the virus content in patients can be quickly mastered, and its accuracy is up to nanometer level. It can accurately detect the quantity of hepatitis B virus in patients, whether it is duplicated, infectious, infectious, necessary to take medicine, whether the liver function is abnormal, and can judge which kind of antiviral drugs the patients are most suitable for, and how to judge the efficacy of the drugs It provides reliable test basis for clinical treatment

It can control the patient's condition scientifically, accurately and in real time, and break down the immune tolerance by combining anti HBV and T-cell immunity, block the treatment of liver disease virus replication and effectively decompose the hepatitis virus, solve the medical problems such as easy variation and drug resistance of hepatitis B virus, difficult treatment of virus replication template, and the state of human immune tolerance not easy to break, and can quickly eliminate clinical symptoms, and It can effectively inhibit the replication of hepatitis B virus, accelerate the speed of serum conversion of e antigen and antibody, kill the virus in blood and liver cells, provide long-term protection for preventing reinfection, effectively block and reverse the process of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis.

Now PCR laboratory is widely used in the detection of new crown virus and other viruses. Our PCR laboratory project is being established in Southeast Asia. We can provide a complete set of facilities, including roof, wall, PVC floor, doors and windows, central air conditioning, fresh air supply duct, high efficiency filter, steel frame of house, etc. Our design is easy to install and can be used outdoors. Customers only need to provide a concrete foundation. 4 workers can complete all installation and commissioning work within 15 days.



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