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Archery Competition Of Team Building Activities

Archery Competition Of Team Building Activities


Before the Spring Festival in 2021, Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd. held a winter archery competition.

The competition was conducted in groups. The contestants hold the bow in their left hand and hook the string in their hand.  All of them were ready to go and concentrated.In the competition, all competitors should keep the principle of participation, fair competition, mutual promotion and common improvement, and carry forward the spirit of friendship first and competition second

The competition in the novice group is even more entertaining, because the contestants here are basically newcomers who are just new to archery. Every aiming, positioning, and release in the pre-match training will be guided by the seniors. In the competition, it is a process of each contestant's self-reflection, continuous adjustment of state, and progress. Because of this, the scoreboard of the referee can see the progress of each group of contestants in the novice group. The contestants also really experienced the joy of archery. The dynamic of the bow and arrow flying towards the bullseye represents us as we are constantly growing. And this process expresses the company is expectation for every employee: love your life, be calm, be strict with oneself, reflect on mistakes, and learn from each other.In work and life, we must strive for excellence.


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