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Suzhou Pharma - The Second Live Broadcast Of The Tiger Year

Suzhou Pharma - The Second Live Broadcast Of The Tiger Year


The Chinese New Year holiday is over and we have been working for a week. While busy preparing and producing old orders, we have received many new inquiries and new orders.


We had another live broadcast. This time, we focused on the use of clean room installation tools, such as how to use ink bucket to draw lines. After we use the modern tool laser level to measure, we can use the ink bucket to record the measured position, so we don't have to worry about the construction error caused by the movement of the laser level. We also explained how the air conditioner works, how the refrigerant works in sequence inside the air conditioning system, so as to dissipate the heat inside the room to the outside, the type and selection of refrigerant, and how the expansion valve, an important component of the air conditioning system works.


Now all factories in China have begun to put into production, so the market of raw materials is not very stable, and the prices of many materials are rising. We still strive to maintain our original price to facilitate the purchase of new and old customers. We will not raise the price until our raw material inventory is used up. We hope that all customers who intend to place an order in the near future can complete the payment as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary losses caused by price rise.


In addition, for the recent transportation of goods, especially for sea transportation, it is difficult to find shipping spaces and containers for transportation, need to book and prepare two weeks in advance. For customers who want to receive the goods quickly, you can get the goods earlier by placing an order as soon as possible.

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