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Suzhou Pharma - The First Live Broadcast Of The Tiger Year

Suzhou Pharma - The First Live Broadcast Of The Tiger Year


After the end of the Chinese New Year holiday, we ushered in the first live broadcast of the Chinese year of the tiger in 2022.


First, we introduce our New Year holiday, where we went to play, what delicious foods were made during the holiday, and we shared photos of happy gatherings with our families. We shared our engineers' installation and commissioning experience abroad, as well as local customs, famous buildings, tourist attractions and so on.


At the same time, we continue our clean room introduction, installation technical details, important air-conditioning system if working, what important accessories are there, how to use professional tools, and how to correctly and efficiently install and debug various equipment. Now the company has fully resumed work and production, and all employees and equipment are ready. While continuous production and delivery, we are waiting for and welcoming the arrival of new orders.


Our new and old customers have given us some new orders, and we have made a good start. We will continue to strive to improve our service to provide our customers with satisfactory products. As COVID-19 has subsided around the world, everyone has been resuming production, and we have prepared enough capacity to meet a large number of orders.


We now use automated production lines and have a lot of stock. We can deliver goods quickly after customers pay. Friends and customers all over the world hope you will be healthy and work smoothly in the New Year!

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