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Weighing Room Introduction

Weighing Room Introduction


The weighing room is a kind of local purification equipment specially used for pharmaceutical, microbiological research and scientific experiments. It provides a vertical one-way airflow, part of the clean air circulates in the working area, and part is discharged to the nearby area, so that the working area produces Negative pressure to prevent cross-contamination, used to ensure a high cleanliness environment in the work area.


Composition of weighing room

The weighing room is mainly composed of chassis, air supply high-efficiency filter, exhaust high-efficiency filter, variable air volume fan unit, PLC control system and sensing system. The chassis is made of brushed and fingerprint-free stainless steel SUS304, and the sheet metal is integrally bent. It is beautiful and clean, and is easy to clean and disinfect. The indoor air is pressed into the static pressure box by the centrifugal fan after passing through the primary filter and the medium-efficiency filter. After passing through the high-efficiency filter, it is blown out from the air outlet surface of the airflow diffusion air supply unit. The clean air flows through the work area at a uniform cross-sectional wind speed. , so as to form a high clean working environment. The operating area of the central weighing chamber is maintained in a negative pressure state and 10% of the circulating air is discharged. The air in the central weighing chamber is self-circulated through a three-stage filtration system (high-efficiency filter removes 99.99% of particles ≥ 0.3 μm and all dust above 0.3 μm), and the design meets the requirements of pharmaceutical GMP.


The negative pressure weighing room and the central weighing room use a fan system with adjustable air volume and a stainless steel wind speed sensor. By adjusting the working conditions of the fan, the average wind speed in the clean work area can be kept within the set range of 0.45m/s Inside. Negative pressure weighing chamber and central weighing chamber airflow manifold is vertical upward and side return. The air flows through the working area from top to bottom, and presses the flying dust generated during the work to the primary effect, medium effect and bag in and bag out devices at the bottom of the side. The filter is sent back to the indoor working area, and the other part is discharged to the outside of the working area through the exhaust filter, so that negative pressure is formed in the negative pressure weighing room and the negative pressure sampling room (central weighing room, weighing room). Negative pressure weighing room and central weighing room are equipped with four differential pressure sensors: indoor and outdoor negative pressure, junior high-efficiency resistance, high-efficiency air supply resistance, and high-efficiency exhaust resistance, equipped with wind speed sensor, and the differential pressure sensor adopts Siemens PLC controller Online dynamic control of the working state of the weighing room, which can be stored, printed, displayed, and automatically corrected for deviations from the set working state, and there is still a deviation alarm for calibration.


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