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Structure Description Of Rotary Tablet Press(2)

Structure Description Of Rotary Tablet Press(2)


5. Feeder device


The cylindrical cone bottom hopper and the moon shaped reflux grid type feeder are used for feeding and pressure wheel tablet pressing. Note that the plane of the feeder device should be calibrated so that the end of the feeder will touch the rotary table surface. Generally, a clearance of 0.03-0.1mm is left, and the clearance can be adjusted by the prop device. The adjustment method of powder amount: there is a knurled screw on the top of the hopper frame. In order to adjust the height of the hopper and control the flow of powder, its height must be based on the particle size and filling amount. It is qualified to observe that the accumulated amount of powder in the grid feeder does not spill. After adjustment, tighten the knurled screw on the side.


6. Main body, lower guide rail, lower roller device


The main body is a square box, and a lower pressing wheel is installed in the rectangular groove. A pair of heat treated rail guides are installed on the plane and fastened with screws. When the lower pressing is running, its tail is embedded in the rail guide groove, and it moves up and down with the slope of the groove. There is a round hole at the end of the rail guide, which is covered with a circular area sheet, for the purpose of device downward pressing. The lower pressing wheel is installed in the groove of the main body, and it is sleeved on the crankshaft, The outer end of the crankshaft is equipped with helical gears to connect with the worm. The worm rotates and rotates slightly through the reduction of the gear. When the eccentricity of the shaft is upward, the pressing wheel rises, the pressure increases, and the thickness increases, so as to control the thickness, softness and hardness of the tablets. The marks on the watch plate from 0 to 6 correspond to the thickness of the tablet. As the helical gear has self-locking effect, it is allowed to adjust during operation, but after adjustment, the flower handle in the middle should be tightened.




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