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How To Enter The Clean Room Correctly

How To Enter The Clean Room Correctly



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The clean room is also called a dust-free room. The clean room is very strict in controlling the concentration of airborne particles. The construction and use of the clean room should reduce the generation of particles. Next, let's talk about how to enter the clean room correctly.


1. Wear clean clothes correctly

Before entering the clean room, we should first enter the changing room, take off the external shoes and put them in the designated shoe cabinet, and then take out the boots, clean clothes, dust-free hats and masks from the disinfection shoe cabinet and the changing cabinet. Put ordinary clothes in the locker. Next, wear a mask, a dust-free hat, and clean clothes and boots. After wearing, check whether the clothes are clean and whether the hair leaks. Then wear gloves to prevent static electricity and dander.


2. Use the air shower room correctly

When we are well dressed, we must pass through the air shower room to enter the clean room. Opening the door sensor of the air shower room will sense that people and goods are entering the air shower room. The voice will remind the air shower room to start working. Lift your arm to turn around in the air shower room to eliminate the dust and foreign matters that cannot be seen by the naked eye. After the air shower, go out of the air shower room and reach the clean room area.

When using the air shower room, do not touch the accelerator to avoid the shower. Do not touch the shower outlet or glass window. Do not open the door of the air shower room without hearing the voice instruction.


3. Things prohibited in the clean room

Personal articles, food and other articles that do not belong to the clean room are not allowed to be brought into the clean room. If goods need to enter the clean room, large goods can be blown into the clean room through the cargo shower room, and small goods can enter the clean room after disinfection through the transfer window(PASS BOX).


Let's talk about how to clean the clean room next time.   Thank you~



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