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Rotary Evaporator System

Rotary Evaporator System


Rotary evaporator. It is applicable to the concentration of trace components and the reaction process requiring stirring. The rotary evaporator system can be sealed and decompressed to 400~600mm Hg; The solvent in the distillation bottle is heated with a heating bath at a temperature close to the boiling point of the solvent; At the same time, it can also rotate at a speed of 50-160 rpm to make the solvent form a film and increase the evaporation area. In addition, under the action of the high-efficiency cooler, the hot steam can be quickly liquefied to accelerate the evaporation rate. It is mainly used for continuous distillation of a large number of volatile solvents under reduced pressure. In particular, the reaction products can be separated and purified by concentrating the extraction solution and distilling the receiving solution during chromatographic separation. The basic principle of the rotary evaporator is vacuum distillation, that is, when the solvent is distilled under reduced pressure, the distillation flask rotates continuously.


1. Standard inclined rotary evaporator type S.

2. Condensate tubes, recovery bottles and four-way bottles are all made of explosion-proof coated glass. The VF type has the same transparency and excellent physical properties as the standard type. This design solves the problem of glass scattering and hurting people in case of breakage.

3. The lifting operation of the body is very convenient. The lifting handle can move up and down smoothly, and can be locked effectively. On the upper part of the body, there is an auxiliary extension for adjusting the position of the buffer bottle or small sample bottle, and the opening part can extend and slide 30 cm up and down.

4. It can be connected with the solvent recovery device DPE-1300 · 1400 for use. The DPE type recovery bottle can collect organic solvents, and the waste liquid container can be recovered in a closed flow path through the movable plug operation to prevent the solvent from being exposed to the air.

5. Water bath pan (SB-1100 type, 3L), water oil dual purpose pan (OSB-2100 type, 5L) can be selected. In addition, the heater is not exposed for cleaning.

6. When combined with the NVC connection of the vacuum controller, the recovery efficiency of the rotary evaporator can be greatly improved.

7. There is also N-1100SD type suitable for the concentration of dioxin type analytical sample. The part of the sample bottle combined with the rotating shaft is transparent, not the grinding interface. In order to prevent pollution when removing the vacuum, an air filter membrane of 0.2 µ m is equipped.




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