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Micro-Computerized Dual Head Powder Filler

Micro-Computerized Dual Head Powder Filler



ZD-II-120 microcomputer dual head powder filling machine is suitable for large medicine factory for antibiotic powder, biologic medicine and powder relevant production to fill and cap the rubber stopper.

The machine suits for 22, 24,30 mm diameter antibiotic mould made bottle, glue made glass bottle, also can produce according to special request.

Bottle:  GB2640, GB2641 standard request.

Rubber stopper: HG4-559 standard request

Control style: Imported PLC step in step motor, high stable performance, fast calculation.

Stepless speed: Adopt Japan Panasonic Inverter

Filling precision: Adopt high precision three phases mixing style step motor, large moment, step distance is only 0.72 degree.

High working effect: filling, feeding the rubber stopper and capping are finished by one machine.

Meet GMP Standard: All the parts touched with powder are high standard SS.

Easy clean: Only one screwdriver can discharge the structure, and clean easily.

Adjustable style: powder feeding device adopts horizontal rotary adjustable, the loading quantity was controlled by button input.

Storage the parameter: It can save the parameter and when machine starts again, it has the memory function.

Auto control powder feeding: the powder hopper has high sensitive powder sensor, it can keep the powder quantity automatically.

Easy cleaning: the working table adopts high pole installation, and equipped with sealing ring, can be washed by water directly.

Bottle feeding protection: when there are lacking bottle or bottle fall down, it can stop automatically.

The bottle plate was draught by independent motor, and stepless speed, it can prohibit the bottle fall due to high rotary speed.


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