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How To Solve The Problem Of Sticking Die On The Surface Of The Tablet

How To Solve The Problem Of Sticking Die On The Surface Of The Tablet


1. The punch surface is damaged or the surface finish is reduced, and rustproof oil or lubricating oil, the surface of new die may be rough or the lettering is too deep and angular. The punch can be cleaned, the die that is not up to specification can be replaced or the surface of the lettering punch can be lubricated by using micro liquid paraffin. In addition, if the machine is hot and causes sticking and flushing, the reasons shall be checked and the equipment shall be repaired.

2. The design of engraving and punching characters is unreasonable. Change the punch or character design accordingly.

3. The particle moisture content is too much or the dry and wet particles are uneven, which causes the sticky impact. Solution: control the moisture content of particles in about 2% to 3%, and strengthen the dry particle inspection.

4. The lubricant quantity is insufficient or the type selection is improper, and the fine powder is too much. The lubricant dosage should be increased appropriately or new lubricant should be replaced, too much fine powder should be removed.

5. The fineness of raw and auxiliary materials is different, which causes uneven mixing or improper mixing time. Solution: crush and screen raw and auxiliary materials to make the fineness meet the quality requirements of the variety, and master and control the mixing time.

6. The adhesive has low concentration or bad adhesion due to the quality of adhesive, and too much fine powder (more than 10%) will be used to make the adhesive impact. Solution: screen fine powder with 40 mesh, re-produce, dry and complete the whole batch, mix evenly, and press the tablet.

7 due to the raw material itself (such as moisture absorption), it will cause the adhesive impact. Solution: add a certain amount of absorbent (such as adding 3% calcium hydrogen phosphate) to avoid sticking and flushing.

8. The environment humidity is too high and the humidity is too high. Reduce the environmental humidity.

9. The temperature of the operating room is too high and the adhesive impact is easy to occur. Attention should be paid to reducing the temperature of the operating room.  



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