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In GMP Clean Room, What Are Options For Led lights

In GMP Clean Room, What Are Options For Led lights


The first one is led panel light; the advantage is easy to install and meet with gmp standard.The wattage has several options such as 40w, 48w, etc. It is suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, biochemical industry, food processing industry, etc. Such purification lamps and lanterns need to be used for lighting in all areas that need to be purified.


Generally, there are three sizes of LED lights, which are 120*30cm, 60*30cm, 60*60cm.

The same lamp bead power, the higher the light efficiency, the higher the brightness, the same lighting brightness, the smaller the power consumption, the more energy saved.


The second type is explosion-proof led light, the tube can be single 1*40w, double 2*40w and triple 3*40w. It depends on the cleanroom dimension. Generally, 10 square meters area require at least two sets.


The steel plate is bent and formed, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed with high voltage; The shell and the pressure frame are connected by a built-in chain, the internal reflector can be turned over, and the wiring is convenient. Equipped with high-efficiency energy-saving explosion-proof electronic ballast.


The installation of LED lights also considers the ceiling of the clean room. If it is a color steel panel, the installation method can choose the ceiling type. If it is an integrated ceiling, then choose the flush installation. Both of them have their advantages.


There are still many types of clean room lights, such as ceiling-mounted purification lights, stainless steel frame with reflector transparent and embedded purification lamps, etc. For different types of purification lamps, its decorative effect is definitely different, and the focus on material, shape and function also changes, but in general, it can not only provide normal lighting, but also purify the air. Clean lighting is a clean room accessory product, and product technology and requirements are upgraded with the improvement of clean room related standards and energy-saving lighting devices.




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