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2.83 L/min Laser Dust Particle Counter

2.83 L/min Laser Dust Particle Counter


The laser dust particle counter is an instrument used to measure the number and particle size distribution of dust particles in the air (usually used in clean rooms), thereby providing a basis for the evaluation of air cleanliness.


Laser dust particle counters are widely used in medicine, electronics, precision machinery, color tube manufacturing, microorganisms and other industries to monitor the purification effect. And cleanliness of various cleanliness levels of workbenches, clean rooms, and clean workshops to ensure product quality.


Some common question can be received from customer, now we list some of them to answer.


Flow Rate: This is the amount of air passing through the particle counter. This is usually expressed in cubic feet per minute. Common flow rates are 1.0 cfm and 0.1 cfm. The larger the flow, the larger the pump that draws the air and the larger the particle counter.


Channels: This is the number of "bins" the particles are put into, based on the calculated corresponding size of each particle. Channels are expressed in microns. For example, you might have a 4-channel particle counter. This means that particles can be counted and classified in 4 different channels. Examples of channels are: 0.1 μm, 0.2 μm, 0.3 μm, 0.5 μm, 1.0 μm, 5.0 μm


The sampling flow is divided into 2.83L/min and 28.3L/min. Because the 2.83L/min dust particle counter has a built-in vacuum pump, it is convenient for customers to increase the number of detection points at any time in the future, and the installation is simple, so it is generally recommended for customers to choose;


The 28.3L/min online dust particle system needs to install the process pipeline of the vacuum system because it needs an external vacuum system.


Generally, the industry recommends using a laser dust particle counter with a sampling flow rate of 2.83L/min. This is the same as the displacement of a car. The larger the sampling flow rate, the more expensive the price. Considering the convenience of use, it is recommended to use a hand-held type.


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